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*Well, sort of. I draw a line at some points.

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YES, there are people who find cultural appropriation and the use of slurs “ok” with them.

Does that mean it’s “ok” to do it to EVERYONE, even if they might be personally offended by it?


Also it is very important to realize that your irl friends saying this shit is ok may be out of a desire to not start drama and get into arguments. I fucking detest when straight people say faggot but I have a few straight friends who do and it is just not worth the shit to tell them to stop.

also white friends have called me nigga before as a ~*~*funny cool friendly friend joke*~*~ and i didnt even bother to tell them to stop because i have told white friends not to say it countless times before and they refused to or said they would stop and just kept saying it behind my back so i just thought “whats the point”

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Crafting a Strong Character Voice || Part 5

Exercise 1 –
Take the above photo. Describe it with your own style and your own literary flair. Bring the scene to life. Give it its own characterization. Capture a moment.

Exercise 2 –
Now, describe the scene from the eyes of one of your characters. Don’t be afraid to borrow those moments of gold you write in exercise 1, but make sure to stay absolutely true and honest to the voice of the character.

Bonus –
Describe the scene from the eyes of the protagonist.

Goal –
A big part of what makes a story stand out is character voice. Your own personal style changes as you do, and a character’s voice changes as the character does. When the two come together, there’s potential for literary magic, but bringing out and differentiating between different character voices takes lots of practice and even more reading.

Write for yourself, but also take time to write with the intention of improving skills. There’s reading for pleasure, and then there’s reading like a writer. The same applies to writing: write for pleasure, then write to improve. Experiment in these exercises. Try things you haven’t tried before.

Remember, the image is meant to generate ideas, so it’s intentionally vague. If you’re not used to writing about the subjects in the image, good. Write something you’ve never written before. Push yourself.

Need some help? Check out the guide on character voice, or look at the Voice & Style Summer Camp exercises for additional tips!

Share your pieces, however perfect or raw, with other KSWers by posting under the “ksw exercise” tag!

Need an Example? Here’s a Poor One –

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Why isn’t there a Shrek fandom?


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it could be even worse though, the movie could be based on the “I think it’s appropiate to have a romantic scene in anne frank’s house” book

It is though.  That’s The Fault In Our Stars.

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ah yes the john green section of macy’s

ah yes the john green section of macy’s

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can the mormonism ads get off youtube now I am very happy with my current jesus provider

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I’m sorry but… LGBTQIA?? I just had to copy-paste that because it’s sooo long. LOL
Why? Why do queers have to make this so difficult? I mean, could you pick a more fake and unnecessarily long name for yourselves?

Funny how you say LGBTQIA is “too long and fake sounding,” but there you are on your blog all like


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Cholive moments, Season 2 Episode 4 “Frescorts” (x)

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  • Me: I'm gonna watch Pushing Daises
  • Me: *accidentally types 'Pushing Daisies Season 4' into the search bar*
  • Me: *cries*

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